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State v. 4th DWI Charge:  In this case we represented the Defendant, who was charged with his fourth DWI.  Based on his prior convictions the state charged him as chronic offender, which is a class B felony, which carries a sentence of 5-15 years.  He originally hired a different attorney who told him we was going to jail for at least 5 years.  We closely examined the facts and worked with the prosecutor and our client entered a 120 day alcohol treatment program instead of going to jail for a minimum for 5 years.

Louisiana Oilman v. Business Purchaser:  In this case we represented the Plaintiff, a Louisiana oilman who had sold his oil rig servicing business to an officer of his company.  The business purchaser default on their sale agreement, and we secured a judgment against the Defendant in excess of $500,000.  

In Re: Jon Doe: Personal Bankruptcy:  We have represented hundreds of people throughout the bankruptcy process in both chapter 7 and 13.  We work closely with our clients from day one to make sure they understand the bankruptcy process, and the benefits and potential pitfalls involved with bankruptcy.  

Smith & Smith v. Big Home Builder:  In this case we represented the Plaintiffs, a married couple who had entered into an agreement for the purchase of a already built home from a home builder.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith gave the home builder an initial deposit of $50,000.00, but were not able to secure financing for the balance of the purchase.  They immediately demanded the return of their initial deposit, which the builder refused relying on the fine print in the sales contract.  We filed suit on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and after a bench trial Mr. and Mrs. Smith were awarded a judgment against the home builder for their entire $50,000.00 deposit.  

​In Re: Jane Doe: Debt Collection Defense:  In this case we represented the Defendant, a young woman, who was being sued by a debt collector who claimed she had incurred over $60,000.00 in charges on a department store credit card.  The claim of the debt collector in this case was ludicrous, and was brought without the appropriate supporting evidence.  The Debt Collector dismissed their own case in exchange for zero dollars before the first Court hearing.  

In Re: The Judges Daughter: In this case we represented the daughter of a late judge who inherited real estate subject to over $100,000.00 in federal tax liens.  We initially researched the issues to better understand the timing of the tax liens, and the transfer of the real estate.  The result was that the IRS voluntarily withdrew all of the federal tax liens in exchange for zero dollars, and our client received the property free and clear.  

John Smith v. Local Used Car Dealer:  In this case we represented the Plaintiff, a young man who paid a deposit to a local used car dealer.  The deposit was fully refundable if the Plaintiff chose not to buy the vehicle.  The Plaintiff chose not to buy the vehicle and demanded the return of his deposit.  His demand was refused without any explanation.  We filed suit on behalf of the Plaintiff and secured a judgment for the entire deposit, plus ten times the deposit in punitive damages, and our attorney's fees!


Below are a number of cases that we believe best represents the Westerfeld Law Group, LLC.  We have changed the names of the parties to protect the privacy of our clients.  We can never guarantee the outcome of a case, and you should use these cases only as a guide to better understand our practice.