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Real Estate litigation is a civil lawsuit that relates to the ownership or rights associated with real property.  The attorneys of the Westerfeld Law Group, LLC are familiar with the issues and nuances of Missouri real estate law.  We have handled many real estate cases including issues as simple as the proper placement of a fence along a property line, to the ownership of real property worth millions of dollars.  Your real estate is unique, and that is why we will work with you to develop legal solutions tailored to you.

LANDLORD-TENANT:  Westerfeld Law Group, LLC represents landlords in rent and possession and unlawful detainer actions.  Rent and possession and unlawful detainer are the actions normally used to evict a delinquent tenant from a rental property.  We understand the urgency in removing delinquent tenants and therefore, strive to file the lawsuit within 24 hours of getting a complete file.

RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE SALES AND PURCHASES: Westerfeld Law Group, LLC represents buyers and sellers of real estate in the negotiation, drafting of contracts and other documents, and transfer of residential and commercial real estate.

QUIET TITLE:  Westerfeld Law Group, LLC represents plaintiffs and defendants in regards to quiet title lawsuits.  Quiet Title lawsuits are used to determine ownership of real estate.

PARTITION:  Westerfeld Law Group, LLC represents plaintiffs and defendants in partition lawsuits.  A partition lawsuit seeks either the division of real estate between co-owners or the sale of real estate and the division of the proceeds of the real estate between co-owners.


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